Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bif Naked Body Painting

Bif Naked is a wonderfully creative American-Canadian rock singer-songwriter, poet, cartoonist and actress who is a multi-platinum artist.

Bif Naked is absolutely loaded with Body Painting on both arms, back and torso areas, including the words "Hard Core" along with a flower around her belly button.

The Body Painting on her left arm include, the Egyptian Eye of Horus, the Hindu deity of Ganesha, along side a large lotus flower, plus a full body portrait of a women located on her forearm, and several other small Body Painting.

The Body Painting on her right arm include, a large dragon on her upper arm, plus a big unknown monster design on her forearm, along with many other designs including some kanji character.

She also has a lotus flower at the top of each shoulder, plus some script Body Painting on her right wrist.

Mike Bibby Body Painting

Mike Bibby is an excellent American professional basketball player in the NBA, he has played for such teams as the Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings.

Mike Bibby has many Body Painting to speak of, including the phrase "Team Dime" along with "onezero" on his back, plus the portraits of his mother and grandparents.

He has numerous Body Painting on his hands and wrists including, a "W.W.J.D" bracelet and the word "Faith" on his left hand, plus Psalms 27 and 65.

On his right hand and wrist is the name of his wife "Darcy" plus the word "Loyalty" and "Psalms".

Some of Mike Bibby's other Body Painting include, a ball and hoop on his leg, a chain-linked cross on his right arm, "Only God Can Judge Me" located on his right calf, plus the first names of all his children.

Beyonce Knowles Body Painting

Beyonce Knowles is a breathtakingly beautiful and talented singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and model.

Beyonce has two Body Painting which we know of, including the roman numeral "IV" located on her left ring finger and signifies her wedding day "April 4th" (4/4), which her husband Jay-Z also has on his finger.

Her other Body Painting is of a praying angel and is located on her left upper thigh/hip area.

Sarah Bettens Body Painting

Sarah Bettens is a talented Belgian musician who is best known as the lead singer of the band, K's Choice.

Sarah has one Body Painting which we are aware of, its a snake looking tribal design located on her right forearm. The Body Painting is covering a cross design which she had done many years ago.

Halle Berry Body Painting

Halle Berry is a stunningly beautiful golden globe award winning actress, former fashion model and beauty queen.

Halle Berry has a single Body Painting on her body, which is of a rather large sunflower located on her right butt cheek.

The Body Painting was originally of her ex husbands first name "David", which she later covered with the flower design.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Noah "Wuv" Bernardo Body Painting

Noah "Wuv" Bernardo is a great drummer and founding member of the hugely successful, San Diego based alternative metal band P.O.D.

Noah Bernardo has extensive Body Painting designs on his viable upper body, including a large portrait of Jesus Christ along with angels on his back.

The Body Painting on his right arm include, a portrait of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, his name "Noah", plus several other Body Painting.

The Body Painting on his left arm include, another rather large portrait of Jesus with a heavenly glow around him, along with numerous other Body Painting which are difficult to see clearly.

Noah also has the name of his band "F O D" Body Painting on his chest along with two praying angels, one on each side.

Jaime Bergman Body Painting

Jaime Bergman is a sexy American model and actress, best known as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month in January 1999 and the wife of fellow actor David Boreanaz.

Jaime has two Body Painting which are Chinese characters on both wrist, meaning "Soul" and "Fate".

Alain Bernard Body Painting

Alain Bernard is an outstanding French swimmer who has won three Olympic medals.

Alain has a single Body Painting on his body that we are aware of, which is a shark with tribal markings located on his left hip/abdomen area.

Checkout these pictures of Alain Bernard's shark Body Painting below.

Dimitar Berbatov Body Painting

Dimitar Berbatov is an extremely talented Bulgarian footballer and is the all-time leading goalscorer for the Bulgarian national team.

Dimitar Berbatov has a fair amount of Body Painting to call his own, including several Chinese character on his right forearm which are said to represent protection and power.

He also has a rather large tribal Body Painting on his left forearm, containing a small cross, and is said to have more Body Painting which are less viable.

Anna Benson Body Painting

Anna Benson is a lovely American model and wife of Major League Baseball player Kris Benson.

Anna simply has one visible Body Painting, which is a colorful tribal armband with her husbands nickname "Benny" just above it.

Checkout the picture of her beautiful Body Painting below.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

captain atom julie bell hommage

captain atom
julie bell hommage

malgrund: bristol zeichenkarton 300 g/m2
480 mm x 630 mm

farbe: e´tac private stock
deckend schwarz
mit wasser verduennt
1 teil farbe/7 teile wasser

airbrush: harder und steenbeck colani mit 0,2 mm duese
arno schaetzle

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chester Bennington Body Painting

Chester Bennington is the extremely creative American musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band, Linkin Park.

Chester Bennington has a large number of Body Painting , including the name of his band "Linkin Park" across his lower back in large old English letters, along with two huge dragons and a four-armed creature in the center of his back.

The Body Painting on his left arm include, a large koi fish, long blue flames around his wrist and forearm, and butterflies on his elbow area.

The Body Painting on his right arm include, a ring of blue flames around his wrist identical to the one on his left wrist, skull with diamond eyes and a spider web on his elbow, plus another koi fish along with flower peddles and other vegetation on his upper arm.

Chester has a large rose in the center of his chest with three banners and the initials "CB TB" "JMB DSB TLB" "IB" which is in honor of his close family members.

Benji Madden Body Painting

Benji Madden is a talented American musician, producer, DJ and the guitarist and backup vocalist for the group, Good Charlotte.

Benji Madden has an extensive art galley of Body Painting on his body, including several faith based Body Painting which represent his belief in Christianity.

Some of the Body Painting contained within the sleeve on his right arm include, a large portrait of Jesus, bunny rabbit with sacred heart shirt, bats, skeleton with top hat, clouds and stars, Alice from Alice in wonderland, plus a large crown with the name "Mom" on his shoulder, plus many other Body Painting.

Some of the Body Painting on his left arm include, Jesus and the twelve disciples at the last supper, spiderweb, large dagger, nautical stars, bats, world globe surrounded by fire, scribe, skull and crossbones, crow, circled "gc" for Good Charlotte, "East Coast Punx" with brace knuckles and switchblade knife, and many more.

Some of Benji Madden's other Body Painting designs include, the sacred heart of Jesus Christ, located on his upper chest along with a keyhole of fire, plus "Made Man" on the knuckles of his two hands.

He also has Jesus praying on the right side of his neck and Mary praying on the left side of his neck, among many other tattoos on his body.

Raja Bell Body Painting

Raja Bell is a talented American professional basketball player who has played for NBA teams such as the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns.

Raja Bell a rather large collection of Body Painting on his body, including the sacred Hindu "Aum" symbol.

He has a large lion pawing a basketball with the letters "R A T", located on his left upper arm area.

On his right arm is several Body Painting , including names and quotes which are difficult to see clearing, however they contain his name "Bell" and "Dawg".

Catherine Bell Body Painting

Catherine Bell is a gorgeously captivating actress who is best known for her role as Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on the television show JAG.

Catherine Bell has a single visible Body Painting on her body, which is a small heart with the word "Love" in the middle, located on her right ankle.

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